The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun Soundtrack

Item # 000168

This was George Greenough's first film and it set a new benchmark for other lessor mortals to try to reach

His inside the tube water footage was hailed as groundbreaking work and seen by many non-surfers are real art, especially with the soundtrack by Honk, who were a local Santa Barbara group and mates of George's.

The original US release of this record is super rare as only 500 copies were pressed! Even this Aussie version on Rebel Records is rare and sought-after by collector's both here and overseas.

The black background shows plenty of creases and some ring wear on the front cover, and some spotting on the back. Fine scratches and scuffing on the vinyl so I'll only rate it G, but overall this is in fair shape for such a rare album!

This is a hot collector's item these days, and rightfully so!


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