The Glide

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Published in 1998 by Chris Bystrom and Racheed Jameel Safady, full title The Glide, Longboarding and the Renaissance of Modern Surfing! 

This book was a labour of love by the late Chris Bystrom, who died tragically in a road accident just minutes from here in 2001.

Best known for his output of surf movies over many years, and also for starting up Pacific Longboarder Magazine, Chris had a good eye for design and a good ear for music also, and one look through this book will reinforce that view.

It contains fabulous photography, well chosen words, history, music, art and poetry all put together as only someone as multi-talented as Bystrom could!

This hardcover book is new-old-stock and as near to mint condition as you can get! As Bystrom would say "hey Weirdo this book even smells new".

This is a must have for anyone interested in the art of longboarding.


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