The Australian Surfrider

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Compiled by Jack Pollard.

Subtitle: The Complete Book on Board and Body Surfing.

Published by Murray, Sydney 1963. This one is a first printing. 144 pages, hard cover with original dust-jacket.

This is a great little collectible in the world of surf publications from the early longboarding period in Australia with a foreword by none other than Duke Kahanamoku himself, plus fabulous black and white photographs by Ron Perrott and Bob Weeks!

And to add to that there's sections written by legends like Farrelly, Platt, Larkin, McDonagh, Jacko, Pike, Bluey Mayes, Tank Henry, and Surge Evans amongst others! What a line-up!

Makes this book a true must-have for anyone serious about surf history and Australia's early surfing heritage.

Some wear around the edges of the jacket and a Xmas dedication from grandad inside plus a few dirty tape marks.

Dosen't get much better than this folks!
This is one bitchin' little book, even the Duke had a copy!

$95.00 SOLD August 2011

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