Russ Howell's Skateboard Hardcover Book

Item # 000480

By Russ Howell.

Published 1975, Sydney Australia.

Hardcover 64 pages.

Russ Howell was a world champion and the first pro skateboarder from California. He was bought to Australia to promote the Golden Breed Skateboard Comps of the '70s

Lots of classic skateboard action in Australia in the early '70s, features young hot surf stars like Cheyne Horan!

Contains period techniques, safety and maintenance and is a must have book for any skateboard enthusiast.

The cleanest copy we've seen in a long time with only minor edge wear!

Dosen't get much better than this folks!
A must have book for any decent collection! One of our favorites here at the Rangoon Surf Cave!

$40.00 SOLD May 2010

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